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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 1, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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boat in a backyard riddled with more than 100 police bullets. his message etched in pencil. we muslims are one body. you hurt one, you hurt us all. >> closing arguments begin monday. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. what's all this talk about isis wanting a truce? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. the iraqis and u.s.-led coalition recapture a key town while isis uses one of its best known hostages to say the west should consider a truce. would isis actually do that? would the west ever consider such a thing? the national lead. first he said he was going to sign it. now arkansas's governor is kicking a religious freedom law back to the state legislature. we will ask one of the main authors of the bill why he insists it does not allow people to discriminate against gays. the money lead.
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amazon wants to make sure you never run out of toilet paper again and that you never have to schlep to the store to get more. a new device you slap on your coffee maker, press it and wait for the supplies to show up on your doorstep. this is not an april fool. good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." we will begin with our world lead. why would isis the vile terrorist group that has vowed to attack here in the united states seemingly be floating the idea of a truce with the west? news outlets have noticed an unexpected thread woven through their latest propaganda paying particular attention to a piece in the new issue of the isis english language magazine saying all the nations aligned against them will have to consider a truce. now, this article purportedly written by british hostage john cantli almost certainly under
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duress of course could certainly be further misdirection or could it be an indication isis is finally feeling the impact of months of air strikes, losses in places such as tikrit? could that be playing a role in this new isis pitch? tikrit, saddam hussein's hometown where iraq's prime minister took something of a victory lap this morning hours after announcing his troops had retaken the city from the bloody hands of isis. let's get right to cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. how significant is this victory for iraqi troops? >> reporter: well tikrit is a very important town. what the u.s. is watching right now is whether the iraqis can actually hold on to the town and can they hold on to it without help from iran. iraqi police cheering their victory, with the help of u.s. air strikes and shia militiamen the iraqis entered the center of
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tikrit largely taking the city back from isis. if the iraqis can hold on to it it's a crucial victory. >> they need tikrit badly because the highway that goes between baghdad and mosul runs right through the middle of the town. >> reporter: iraqi troops still face clearing some 200 miles of territory on the way to mosul iraq's second largest city. months of fighting may be ahead. in tikrit pockets of isis fighters still remain. in a show of confidence iraqi prime minister abadi came to tikrit to support his troops. not mentioned for now, the iranian backed shia militias that abadi desperately needed to help win on the ground. u.s. war planes again striking isis targets to support those ground troops. u.s. officials are adamant that the american air strikes were never aimed at supporting iranian backed fighters long opposed by u.s. commanders. >> three tours in iraq
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commanding troops who were brutalized by some of these shia militias i will not and i hope we never coordinate or cooperate with shia militias. >> reporter: the pentagon insists the ground offensive stalled when the militiamen proved unreliable. u.s. officials say air strikes were not started until baghdad took full control on the ground. but the reality may be different. >> you don't have an iraqi force that has complete control of all the forces that have been fighting. they have had some command of elements of that. it's been a hodgepodge of actors all contributing. >> reporter: now the iraqi forces the reality is they still cannot function on their own on the ground. they need those thousands of iranian backed shia militia to make further progress according to u.s. officials. it's a really interesting wrinkle. another wrinkle in that u.s./iran relationship. >> barbara starr, thank you so
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much. let's talk more about this with cnn senior international correspondent, arwa damon, live in baghdad. you just returned from tikrit. you were there this morning. what's it like on the ground inside that city? >> reporter: well i can tell you first and foremost that those iranian backed shia militias that the u.s. is so concerned about are very present on the ground. they were very much a part of the push into tikrit. they proved to be essential in the battle to take tikrit and there are a lot of concerns we are hearing about from the various senior members of the iraqi security forces the federal police that we have been speaking to as to how much control they can actually exert over them. the entire city has been decimated. there are plumes of smoke that rise above it due to explosives that the iraqis had to detonate in place but also when we were turning around one corner we saw a group that was mostly made up of these iranian backed shia
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militias and one man was holding a severed head in his hand. he was saying that it was the head of an isis fighter, vowing to take the fight to them straight to mosul. we saw the rest of the corpse on the ground hands bound. it was a man who they said was an isis fighter. he was detained he was then shot and decapitated. senior iraqi officials, iraqi government officials, have consistently been saying they are concerned as to how much control they can exert over these shia militias. it would seem at least in this one instance, they were not able to exert control over them. >> i would think shiite militia troops parading around with a severed head could really risk inflaming the sunni/shiite tensions and possibly even pushing sunnis more towards isis. >> reporter: it could, and it is
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violence like this that has caused a large chunk of the sunni population not necessarily to be pushed towards isis jake but to feel increasingly alienated from the shia dominated government in baghdad and that is why even though on the one hand yes, tikrit the victory there as it is being called is militarily important, what happens afterwards what happens in this space politically speaking is just as if not more significant. the iraqi government has to prove that it is in control. it has to ensure that these shia militias do not carry out acts like the one that we saw earlier today, because of the potential it does carry to inflame those tensions. but also when it comes to those families that are returning back home they don't want to feel as if they fled from isis on the one hand only to return back to their destroyed homes and find themselves at the mercy of these shia militias. it's a very delicate phase right now. >> arwa damon, thank you so
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much. stay safe. while isis runs out of tikrit they are still running roughshod over other places. today, a human rights group says the terrorists now control large parts of a refugee camp just six miles from damascus in syria. so while the terrorists have been defeated in tikrit in iraq isis is expanding elsewhere. let's bring in cnn counter terrorism analyst phil mudd and senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracy's daviv ross. this talk of a truce floated in this propaganda magazine from isis is it potentially real? is it just a tactic? what's your take? >> it's just a tactic in the sense they don't actually expect the united states will take them up on this offer of a truce. in fact in the piece, they even provide a number of conditions the u.s. is not going to ever agree to including ending support for all governments in the region ending support for israel and he says that's just a start. they don't actually think the
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u.s. is going to sit down and talk to them. >> so why even propose such a thing? >> i think there are a few reasons. there is not a simple reason that they would propose it. but one is to appeal to segments like those who are against the war, fed up with it people can say look isis has proposed a truce, it can add fuel to that narrative. a second thing, there's another purpose to this article. it's not just about the truce. it's also about the narrative. isis has done something interesting with their hostage, they have put him in the role of kind of the objective observer. a lot of the piece is meant to take areas of weakness for isis that they are losing money, losing territory, and turn them into strengths. basically through appeals to authority, talking about how objective observers are seeing isis as something much more than just a terrorist group. his argument is that they are at this point a legitimate state, something that is a fait accompli. >> phil does this kind of propaganda work on some people? >> i think if you look at this in the long term it might work by persuading people that isis is not just a terror group.
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at the outset of this show you referred to them as a vile terrorist group. they refer to themselves as the islamic state. in this video they are trying to say we are not just a terror group that beheads people. we are a group that's willing to participate in negotiations as a state with a foreign government. that is the united states. remember going back to last fall when you saw the beheading videos, you had isis in those videos pretending to talk directly to the president of the united states, not talking to the globe in general, but pretending to be a state that could negotiate directly with the president in washington, d.c. so this is about a perception of a group that is rapidly taking territory, they believe they own that geography, they provide some services to that geography. they want a state to state dialogue. this is propaganda suggesting that they can have that. >> how significant do you think this iraqi and coalition victory in tikrit is? >> i think it's significant geographically. it puts much more pressure on them. i think the thing to watch is what happens in northern iraq after this.
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observers who thought that isis was quite strong last year are now basically to a one saying that it seems like by the end of the year isis is going to lose mosul which is the de facto capital of their holdings in iraq. let's watch and see whether their forces crumble. let's watch and see signs of internal dissent. those are the kinds of things that will be critical to what this means in the longer term. >> thank you both so much. our other big world story today, the prosecutor leading the crash investigation in the french alps says video from inside the plane as it went down does not exist to his knowledge, but two newspapers claiming otherwise are standing by their stories, saying their reporters actually watched the video and are confident it is real. so who is telling the truth? that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." some breaking news now in our politics lead. democratic senator robert menendez the senior senator from new jersey the ranking democrat on the foreign affairs committee, has just been indicted on corruption charges by the u.s. department of justice. the government alleging menendez used his office to peddle influence on behalf of a friend in exchange for gifts. cnn first reported last month the government's case hinged on the senator's relationship with a high profile donor, zeroing in on plane trips the senator took in 2010 to the dominican republic. menendez has previously said he is innocent. cnn will continue to cover this story as it develops. in other world news headlines today, today we are getting our first ground view at the site where germanwings flight 9525 crashed tragically
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into the french alps. this is where investigators say a co-pilot deliberately steered a plane into a steep mountainside killing 150 people including three americans. search teams continue to search for bodies at the crash site. also still missing, the plane's second black box. the flight data recorder which experts believe may be buried under all the gravel. two european publications are standing by their reports of a memory card having been discovered at the crash site capturing on cell phone video the flight's final moments. cnn's pamela brown is following all of this for us from dusseldorf germany. she joins me now. pamela? >> reporter: well tonight another investigation is developing. we have learned that the french federal police are questioning the head of the bea. of course the bea leading the investigation in france and the interview surrounds leaks in the investigation, specifically to the "new york times."
1:18 pm
as we know "new york times" came out first with some details about the cockpit voice recorder and that the captain was locked out of the cockpit, and so now we have learned that this man is being questioned in relation to that to see if there is any violation that the contents of that cockpit voice recorder were leaked to the press before some of the key investigators on this case. meantime here in dusseldorf the criminal investigation into andreas lubitz the co-pilot continues. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells me today that investigators are looking at all of his electronics, everything taken from his home. so far a search of his computers is the only relevant thing really turning up at this point is details about his 2009 depression episode. as we just learned from that bombshell from the airline lufthansa, lubitz actually self-reported back in 2009 that he had had depression. this is a big deal obviously, because lufthansa initially came out and said it wasn't aware of any medical issues relating to
1:19 pm
lubitz. the ceo of lufthansa visited the crash site today, laying a wreath there in a pile of flowers left by families. he was pressed by reporters about the criminal investigation. he didn't want to comment on that but he did say it would be awhile until we find the answers we are looking for. jake? >> pamela brown in dusseldorf germany, thank you so much. could technology have prevented this crash? the auto pilot feature has been around for more than a century but what if the plane's computers could take control and steer the aircraft away from disaster? is that even a good idea? cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh joins me now. automatically controlling a plane's path sounds great in this instance but i can think of many ways it might not be. >> reporter: yeah you know is it a good idea. it really depends on who you ask. we do know that after september 11th this technology went into development. the goal was essentially to prevent someone from deliberately flying a plane into
1:20 pm
a building or crashing it in some other way. but the technology never made it into aircraft and some say that was a lost opportunity to save lives. >> sink rate. pull up! >> reporter: despite glaring cockpit alarms like these, andreas lubitz continued germanwings flight 9525's deadly descent. the plane in his control alone. more than ten years ago, airbus the plane's manufacturer helped develop software to potentially allow a plane's computers to take over a flight if it got close to crashing. but the project was scrapped before it was put to use. >> in the case of the germanwings passenger murders, this technology i believe would have saved the flight. >> reporter: here's how it would work. if the pilot does not respond to current audible warnings in the cockpit, an auto pilot function would kick in steering the plane out of danger and on to a safe course. many commercial pilots say a
1:21 pm
plane should never be taken out of a pilot's control. the crash landing of u.s. airways flight 1549 on the hudson river in new york an example. after a flock of geese knocked out both engines, the heroic efforts of captain sully sullenberger saved all 155 people on board. some pilots also warn technology like enhanced crash avoidance could make jet liners vulnerable to hackers. >> more and more people will come to know the technology. they will work on the technology. and therefore, there will be bad people that will be able to exploit that technology. that's not a good thing. >> reporter: but in incidents like the germanwings tragedy where a pilot is being blamed for the trash, former department of transportation inspector general mary schiavo says there must be additional safeguards. >> most of the major commercial jet liner crashes in the last two or three years could have been saved by an override. >> reporter: airbus is not
1:22 pm
saying anything about all this. however, honeywell, the firm that worked with airbus says they won't develop it unless airlines or regulators ask for it and at this point, so far, that has not happened. >> rene do we have any idea why the project was scrapped the first time around when it was proposed? >> reporter: i asked honeywell this very question. they tell me that they determined at the time they didn't feel as if the technology was mature enough it wasn't ready for prime time. they thought introducing this sort of technology into the cockpit essentially may create other hurdles, for example, at what point and under what circumstances would the plane give back control to the pilot. there were a lot of questions and so they decided not to go with it. >> rene marsh, thank you so much. coming up 11 teachers and school officials already taken into custody after this afternoon they were convicted of racketeering for helping their students cheat on standardized
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the national lead. some shocking breaking news out of atlanta this afternoon. 11 teachers and school officials mired in a cheating scandal are, as of today, convicted felons. they had the job to educate students. now they could be heading to prison for inflating test scores. a fulton county jury in atlanta found them all guilty of racketeering. prosecutors managed to prove they conspired to boost scores on standardized tests. those scores could have meant more federal funding. let's go now to cnn's martin savidge live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. how much prison time are we talking here? >> reporter: serious. you know that old adage that they say cheaters never prosper? in this particular case these convicted cheaters now could face decades, decades behind bars. each one of the 11 that were
1:28 pm
found guilty had one charge of racketeering against them. that charge alone, the maximum they could get could be possibly 20 years. then on top of that many of them also had additional charges, the maximum time on that if you add up is anywhere from five to ten years per offense. so you are talking decades potentially behind bars. then what stunned the attorneys of these defendants was when the judge immediately said all right, let's start rounding all these people up and getting them behind bars. remember, they haven't had sentencing yet. so the attorneys were absolutely dumbfounded. they couldn't believe it. they tried to argue that none of their people had criminal records, they shouldn't be going to prison but the judge said well what do you think at the beginning of this trial it was well known what the charges were you went ahead and now they have been found guilty and the charge is serious. >> as you know there were others who took a plea deal before this phase of the case. what exactly happened to them? >> reporter: yeah. this is what is the remarkable difference.
1:29 pm
there were about 20 or 21 others that did take a plea deal that was offered to them and they got one year of probation. now, in return they also had to testify against those who were put on trial. but it shows you a remarkable difference and even the judge was very angry because you clearly got the sense that he felt it should never have come to this but that was the trial. there was the conviction. it came from the jury after what was essentially five months of testimony, a very costly case and now you have been found guilty. it's time to as he said pay the piper. >> martin savidge from atlanta, thank you so much. in our national lead the governor has refused to sign it but the state senator who cosponsored the arkansas religious freedom bill is still standing by it. so how can he explain how the law gives residents the ability to refuse service to certain customers based on religious beliefs and yet does not discriminate? we will ask him next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the national lead now. in a surprising move the governor of arkansas revealed just hours ago that he would not sign a religious freedom bill that critics say could let businesses discriminate against gays and lesbians. if say, a christian conservative baker does not want to provide the wedding cake at a same sex marriage. faced with growing backlash from the business community in his state and from his own son, governor hutchinson sent the bill back to lawmakers, he wants it changed to more nearly mirror the federal law. this comes after mike pence calls on law makers in his state to fix a similar bill one that sparked boy kotscotts of the hoosier state. cnn's miguel marquez is live in indianapolis. the governor there says he did not know this would end up
1:35 pm
becoming a national debate but boy, it sure is one. >> reporter: oh, it is a huge national debate. look the ncaa games started here on saturday. this town is filling up the ncaa has come out against it, the copiesaches for the teams playing here have come out against it dozens of tech companies. it's had a massive effect. we are sitting in this place now because behind those doors, the speaker of the house here and leader of the senate are going over language and whatever deal they come up with there will have national implications. >> this is a bill that in ordinary times would not be controversial. but these are not ordinary times. >> reporter: in a closely watched decision arkansas governor asa hutchinson rejecting a religious freedom bill today that many saw as divisive. >> i asked that changes be made in the legislation. >> reporter: before the bill passed in the legislature, hutchinson said he planned to sign it but today, he
1:36 pm
backtracked, asking state lawmakers to remake the bill to mirror existing federal law. it's a move that could head off protests concerns the measure would allow companies to refuse service to gay or lesbian patrons. pressure on hutchinson to veto the bill came from all sides. from former arkansas first lady hillary clinton, like indiana law, arkansas bill goes beyond protecting religion would permit unfair discrimination against lgbt americans. i urge governor to veto. to the ceo of walmart, whose headquarters are in the state and who warned the proposed law threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold. hutchinson's decision comes as indiana's governor mike pence, deals with the outcry over his own state's religious freedom law. >> as i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens, no. >> reporter: pence stood by the
1:37 pm
law's intent but says there was a perception problem that set off days of protest. he directed state lawmakers to offer their fix to the law by the end of this week. but some in the state applaud pence for signing the bill like a pizzeria owner crystal o'connor who says it's her right to follow her beliefs. >> if a gay couple was to come in like say they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding, we would have to say no. >> reporter: the question is will they come up with a deal. they are just doing a little impromptu press update here the republicans here will go back into caucus after spending two hours today talking about this they will go back into caucus at 5:00 p.m. eastern time to talk more. the sides are very very far apart right now so it is hard to see how they get a deal. but we could know something by late tonight or early tomorrow morning. jake? >> miguel marquez, thank you so
1:38 pm
much. defenders of the religious freedom bill insist this is not about discrimination against gays and bleenzlesbians but about the rights of religious people. what does that mean in practice? joining me to discuss this all is republican arkansas state senator, bart hester, sponsor of the state's religious freedom bill. thanks for joining us. i had thought governor hutchinson had said he would sign your bill. what's your reaction to his saying it needs to now be changed to narrow it to more closely match the federal law? >> well i think the reaction is it's not any different than the governor's handled all legislation that comes to his desk. he is pragmatic. he's a very popular governor because he is pragmatic and fair. he's looking at this bill from all directions. he thinks there needs to be a couple amendments and i'm open to considering those. >> let's talk about what this bill would do if there is a conservative christian florist, would it allow that florist to
1:39 pm
deny serving, providing services to a gay couple who wants flowers at their wedding? >> well i think that's two different questions to me. i think it does not allow for discrimination in any way. it does not allow for a florist to discriminate against a gay couple looking for flowers. now, what i think it does allow is for a florist that has a strongly held religious belief to be able to hold that belief close and not participate in the message of a homosexual wedding or ceremony. i think the first amendment is very close to all our hearts in america. it's part of the cornerstone of who we are. >> see, this is what i don't understand with supporters of this type of legislation. would it allow the florist to not give flowers to the same sex couple or not? you're saying almost two things. you're saying that there's no discrimination but the christian conservative doesn't have to
1:40 pm
participate in a ceremony they find objectionable. it's just one or the other. i'm just trying to figure out what it does. i'm not judging the legislation. >> sure. i think to be clear, it does not allow someone to discriminate. i think they should absolutely serve a homosexual couple. it also lets them hold their personal religious beliefs close on a message. that message would be they don't support the homosexual wedding. again, i wouldn't ask a nazi or -- i guess i wouldn't ask a jewish baker to put a nazi swastika on a cake. that wouldn't be fair either. >> but how are they going to stay true to their conservative christian beliefs and also not discriminate? this is what i don't get here. are you saying they can hold true and not participate in an event that they don't find holy that they think is objectionable or sinful or are you saying that they have to? i'm confused.
1:41 pm
>> well it's not a confusing issue at all. the first amendment is not confusing. we have the right to freedom of speech. we have the right to hold our strongly held religious beliefs close to us. i think there's a difference in serving someone. i don't think there's any portion of that that the government doesn't have compelling interest to have businesses serve individuals. they cannot force that individual to participate in a ceremony that they don't believe in. >> so you're saying that the florists would have to provide flowers, for example, or caterers would have to provide food but a wedding photographer who objects to same sex marriage wouldn't have to participate in that? it's about the participation in the ceremony? as opposed to the providing of services? >> that's right. it's about the participation in the message. someone doesn't have to participate in the message of something if they don't want. the supreme court has said a message can be an action. for instance an unpopular thing is burning the american flag
1:42 pm
which makes me ill but that is an action that we have the right to do in america through free speech. there can be another unpopular decision for a christian baker to not want to participate in the ceremony of a gay wedding. >> but does providing the cake is providing the cake participating in the message? that's the point. i think to many conservative christians, it is. right? >> well i will tell you, that's for the individual to decide for themselves. >> so it would allow for them to discriminate. that's what you're saying? woit it would allow if they feel their participation in the ceremony by providing pizza, by providing catering by providing flowers, photographs, cake whatever that that is participating in the message, then they could refrain and refuse to serve the same sex couple? >> i think you're right. i think they would not have to perform a message that they don't agree with through the freedom of speech. there are so many other issues
1:43 pm
you can go along with. what if somebody told a christian radio station they had to advertise with companies that they opposed? i don't think that's fair or right either. >> all right. but my point is your law would allow -- see, the thing is there are two competing interests here right? there is the right of people to follow their faith in this country and there is also the right of people to not be discriminated against. they are coming at a head here to a degree. i fell like people who are supporting this law are kind of fudging whether or not standing up for the christian conservatives allows them to discriminate against same sex couples in a ceremony or event that they don't sanction. it would permit discrimination is what you're saying in the name of their religious rights. >> i disagree. they cannot discriminate against an individual. they can discriminate against a message that they don't feel comfortable with their strongly held religious belief. hey, there's a reason this is the first amendment.
1:44 pm
to be able to protect our right to religion. this is all religions, people that i wouldn't ask an atheist baker to do with this easter weekend coming i wouldn't ask an atheist bakery to put jesus has risen on a cake if he wasn't comfortable with that. he has a strongly held belief. >> you would be totally fine with let's say a conservative muslim baker saying there is no way we are ever going to provide cakes for christians or jews for anything having to do with a christian or jewish event because we think that that is forbidden. that's okay with you under this law? >> under this law, we have the right to the first amendment, a right to freedom of speech and i believe in the first amendment. >> all right. state senator bart hester, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, jake. coming up next is a deal with iran slip-sliding away? after extending the deadline once secretary of state john kerry now planning to extend it again.
1:45 pm
but can he get a deal? plus at first glance it looked like an april fool's joke. amazon's latest gadget that lets you order items by just pushing a button. but is this the future of online shopping?
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1:49 pm
welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other world news we have another edition of "deal or no deal." secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart gave themselves yet another 24 hour extension on the deadline they already missed raising questions of course as to whether any deal is even possible. this as house speaker john boehner arrives in israel in a show of solidarity with freshly re-elected prime minister benjamin netanyahu, blasting the current framework. let's go right to cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto live in washington. jim, foreign ministers from france from russia china, they have all left the talks in switzerland. where exactly do things stand? >> reporter: we are hearing the french foreign minister is on his way back but we have to redefine the word deadline
1:50 pm
considering the number of deadlines that have passed in the year and a half since this interim agreement was first signed. you have two extensions of several months and now two short ones of a day or so but that could extend another day. diplomats at the same time are also greatly shrinking expectations of what they will come away with and that's if they do come to agreement. with a deal in danger of disappearing secretary of state john kerry and his fellow gesht negotiators searching for resolution in switzerland. the nuclear talks now stretching not only the definition of deadline but also of agreement. officials now hoping for a simple statement of goals rather than the hard commitments they originally intended. the white house placed the blame on iran. >> while the talks have been productive we have not yet received the specific tangible commitments the international community seeks. >> reporter: iran shifted it right back to the west. >> i certainly hope our
1:51 pm
colleagues will recognize the fact that this is a unique opportunity that will not be repeated and they need to take advantage of this opportunity. >> reporter: fact is extension has been the name of the game in these talks since the sides reached an interim agreement in november 2013. the talks were extended the following july extended again that november and then on tuesday and today, extended yet again, albeit just in 24 hour increments. the deadline for a final agreement is june 30th. the biggest sticking point may simply be trust. foreign minister javad zarif leads the iranian navigation but the supreme leader holds the power. the same supreme leader who presides over a country the u.s. accuses of supporting terrorism and who has helped cultivate a long deep history of anti-americanism at home. like the death to america chants we witnessed on our last visit to iran. that toughness may be reaping
1:52 pm
dividends at the negotiating table, where long time nuclear negotiator robert einhorn says iran is driving the harder bargain. >> the iranians may have been concluding the u.s. team was under so much pressure to get a deal that the u.s. and its partners would make all the remaining concessions. >> reporter: this interim deadline was originally intended by the u.s. and its western partners to be an early test of whether a broader agreement is possible and specifically whether iran is willing to make concessions for that broader agreement. these delays could be last minute posturing but at a minimum they leave that question open. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. in other world news an oil platform in the gulf of mexico turning into a fireball. this was the startling scene as smoke leaking out over the ocean after a fire turned into a full-on inferno. mexico's state oil company says they do not know what sparked the blaze but confirmed four people have been killed.
1:53 pm
local emergency services say at least 45 others were hurt. they dispatched eight fire boats to extinguish the flames. our money lead. how would you like to order laundry detergent while doing the laundry? it could be as simple as pushing one button. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ... stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®... ...your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems- these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone
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our money lead now. the cartoon "the jetsons" helped us imagine a world where you could get anything you wanted at the push of a button. today, the future is pretty much here. amazon announcing a new service so cool a lot of people question whether it may have been an april fool's day joke. it's called amazon dash. it lets you reorder some of your favorite products with a simple push of a button. >> oh, beautiful! >> too early for an "elf" clip?
1:58 pm
no because christmas has come early for amazon customers now that the company has introduced shiny new buttons. it's called amazon dash. >> a simple way to reorder the important things you always run low on. >> reporter: it's a wifi connected button you can stick anywhere in your house for a convenient push for product purchases. it's just the latest way the company is learning your habits and trying to hone its selling power. >> with prime shipping you will get new products delivered to your door before you run out. >> what they're trying to do is change some pretty ingrained behavior in terms of how we shop. >> reporter: jason is editor at large for wired and says soon even something this convenient may come to seem archaic. >> i think the end point is you think something and it's delivered to you. >> alexa, what do you do? >> i can play music. >> reporter: amazon echo announced months ago has alexa, a device that lets you bypass the button and just ask for things out loud. >> give me my flash news briefing. >> here's your flash briefing.
1:59 pm
>> frankly, it seems we humans may soon be out of the loop all together. amazon's dash replenishment service allows your internet connected devices to order their own refills and of course it doesn't stop there. >> walmart, best buy, other sort of physical retailers are getting into this space as well. it's not the case that amazon has completely run away with this. there's still a lot of ground to cover. >> reporter: as for dash more than a dozen brands have already signed up for this christmas in april by amazon. on coffee on trash bags on snacks do not stall. dash away, dash away, dash away all. don't forget delivering presents from the air was on amazon's checklist two years ago. now it seems it's gotten its wish. the faa just granted the company an experimental air worthiness certificate which means amazon can research how to hover over your every order. something it's already been testing in canadian air space for months. this technology will only get more prevalent but not to worry.
2:00 pm
for those concerned about overexcited little button pushers in the house, amazon limits customers to one order at a time. of course industry insiders say there's a down side to amazon dash besides finger cramps. they worry consumers will be less likely to seek out new or even better brands. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room" right now. happening now, pushback. iraq says isis has been driven out of the key city. is this bloody battle a u.s. victory or is iran gaining greater influence? a cnn correspondent takes us into the city of tikrit. nuclear overtime. the u.s. and iran work through the night trying to reach a nuclear deal. can progress set off a middle east race for the bomb? and dangerous search. new video shows pieces of the flight flight 9525 on the